I Need A Team


Better alone than in bad company?

Whether starting a new business, expanding or growing it, selecting the appropriate people to promote your vision is essential to prosper quickly. It will require a healthy and sustainable hiring methodology, short-term initial training as well as a long-term continuing education program.

More importantly, it will necessitate a clear vision,  a precise set of standards, and definitive core values. In other words, defining or interpreting what your business stands for and, therefore, what will exactly be required from each team member.

Creating a business identity and continually enhancing it as the company evolves, is one of the biggest challenges for organizations of all sizes nowadays. Indeed, creating a set of rules that allows quick, precise and accurate decisions is paramount for an attractive return on investments.

In fact, creating the rules that govern behaviors is the only way to adequately predict, achieve, duplicate and subsequently adjust your business trajectory.

“When standards are set, decisions are easy.”   -Unknowned

Then comes selecting the right people for the job and the team, people who understand the code and pledge to abide and promote it.

Let’s face it, hiring is an art. It is because it deals with unpredictable humans and not programmable machines. It is because the human being is illogical and emotional.

How can you really know who will be a long-term fit and a valuable employee in your company? What signs should you be looking for when hiring? What processes work best for your organization?

That’s why you require the assistance of Progressive Human Development Services!

We will:

  • Help you set your standards and core values or ensure the one you currently have still correspond to your vision
  • Ensure that your environment is conducive to attract, hire, train and maintain the finest employees
  • Setup a successful hiring marketing campaign aligned with your requirements
  • Establish a sustainable hiring methodology
  • Conduct the hiring process
  • Help you acquire the required amount of staff
  • Setup progressive and comprehensive short-term and long-term training systems
  • Form and coach the future leadership team in charge of training
  • Implement the necessary strategies, policies, best practices, and procedures
  • Put into effect a comprehensive monitoring report
  • Develop department teams
  • Assess and attend to department needs
  • Coach or hire your leadership and management teams
  • Focus on inter-departmental synergy and collaboration
  • Create and maintain a healthy, positive, respectful and trustful work environment
  • Establish and promote superior communication at all levels


Whether helping you with one specific aspect or several, Progressive Human Development Services will prove to be your best ally.

“The Success of Teamwork: Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success”    -Henry Ford

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