I Aspire To Become A Performing Leader/Manager

So, who is leading the leaders?

Welcome to the world of leadership and management. (For the difference between leadership and management click here.) For most, it is a life goal waiting to happen, a strategic move promoting respect and a healthy pay increase. Above all, it is a logical and expected shift. But before jumping towards the ideal of leadership, you must consider the following points:

First, you need to acknowledge that no matter how well you feel you could perform, leadership isn’t for everyone. Regardless of the assumptions reached based on observations deducted from the questionable behaviors of your superiors, becoming a leader doesn’t translate into more freedom, fewer time constraints, easier work and so on. Quite the contrary. You should look at it as if you would add a considerable amount to your current workload. Some might even suggest it will double since you will continue your normal activities, but add learning, and take on more responsibilities.

Second, to actually become a great leader and manager, you must be willing to forget what you perceive as being right and wrong. The logical, black and white theory isn’t part of the rules that govern human management but is, instead, replaced by many shades of gray. This change of mentality shouldn’t translate into a total artistic or even chaotic system, but rather one which is based on a feeling and emotional interaction.

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”      -Abraham Lincoln

Third, you must be strong and learn to fail gracefully. Forget the false equation failure=bad and success=good. As a leader, you will quickly realize that you must go through failure to acquire success. To that effect, you must be strong and learn to appreciate and look forward to failing and making mistakes.

Make no mistake about it, should your goal match your determination and capability, rest assured that anyone can become a leader or a manager as long as they are willing and able to learn, understand, and apply new knowledge.

“The challange of leadership is to be strong, but not rude. Be kind, but not weak. Be bold, but not a bully. Be toughtful, but not lazy. Be proud, but not arrogant. Have humor, but without folly.”    -Jim Rohn

Last, who will assist you in your quest? There are fundamental problems with current leaders nowadays that stand in your way to becoming all you can be.

  • Leaders have way too much on their plates, thus extremely limiting the available time for training and coaching. This translates into an unavailable asset to your quest, whether they would be prepared to help you or not.
  • Many are hesitant or unwilling to teach and coach others in fear of either creating unnecessary competition for their own position, losing you and your contribution, or simply because of the amount of work involved.
  • The vast majority don’t have the knowledge to pass on. Not all promoted leaders or managers are competent in their roles. And for those who are, it doesn’t mean that they understand why their system is working, even less explaining and teaching it to others.
  • There is no possibility for advancement. Unfortunately and depending which company you are working for, there is a good chance that all the positions have been filled with individuals who will remain there for many years to come. Thus, leadership might be uninterested in forming you and spending what will assuredly be perceived as a waste of time, effort, and resources.

This is why Progressive Human Development Services is indispensable to your leadership and management knowledge pursuit.

Yes, not only will we assure that you receive training, but indeed the proper one. With us by your side, you will quickly learn how to navigate these difficult waters and acquire an essential understanding of human interaction useful in all areas of your life. Also, should there be no possibility for advancement, Progressive Human Development Services will assist you in finding the right company which will be happy to utilize your new found skills.

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