I Have An Underperforming Sales Team

“Give me the right people and I don’t much care what organization you give me, good things will happen. Give me the wrong people and it doesn’t matter what you do with the organization, bad things will happen.”   -Collin Powell

Put them blazing barrels down slowly, Yosemite Sam!

An underperforming sales team is unacceptable, regardless of your line of business. A passive attitude could cost you your company, and at best, it will impact your bottom line negatively. It is fair to say that in order to repair an inefficient team, the wrong people should be ousted and the right ones hired.

But not so fast Yosemite Sam, recklessly exchanging damaged goods for new ones might not be the key to your salvation.

First things first. How did this situation happen in the first place? When did the deteriorating team start its descent? What were the associated factors? There could be many reasons why this occurred. And while hiring the wrong individuals is a key failure, other factors might be at play which, unrectified, will put you right back in the same circumstances, faster than a rocket full of monkeys. It is of the essence, then, to accurately find the reasons behind the downfall.

One of the most common denominators in underperforming sales team is a lack of training. Hiring accurately should not translate into neglecting strong short and long term training. The lack of continued training will assuredly create an undesirable turnover effect. In fact, it will turn your best assets into huge liabilities and prevent new recruits from flourishing and move up the 4 categories of people that are representing your team as explained here.

Another area of concern is whether the leadership team is dedicating enough attention and time and if they possess the appropriate knowledge to pass on. Since the world of business has created a reverse gravity effect, the blame must go up. Do the persons in charge have the resources to manage and lead the team effectively? Do they have the knowledge, ability, desire to do so? Let’s face it, more and more is required from the leadership team nowadays, leading to a serious time management issue. Managers just don’t have enough time to spend with the team. Emails, complaints, recruiting, marketing, and managing an adequate lead streamline, amongst many other things, are taking way too much time away from the troops.  This largely dismissed phenomenon is the leading cause of underperformance.

Other factors may include a clear lack of monitoring system. Failure to assert a result oriented mentality that includes consequential actions for positive and negative behaviors or outcomes. An absence of definite, tangible and obtainable goals and targets. A substandard work environment that may include unacceptable behaviors and an inferior physical setting. It could also include an insufficiency or lack of adequate policies, strategies, best practices, and procedures, ineffective marketing strategies. The list goes on.

Assuredly, there are plenty of areas that should be assessed before making any sudden moves.

This is why you are choosing Progressive Human Development Services to rebuild a strong, focused, energized and winning sales team.

Our support will consist of:

  • Assessing your team and establishing shortfalls and areas of concerns
  • Understanding your vision
  • Setting  realistic, tangible, obtainable and clear goals and targets
  • Re-establishing trust, enthusiasm, and passion amongst team members
  • Creating an initial training strategy to deal with the immediate deficiency promoting quick rehabilitation and instant monetary results for the business
  • Creating a long-term training system to establish a long lasting strong foundation
  • Establishing a sustainable recruitment methodology
  • Acquiring the required number of staff
  • Organizing your sales department
  • Providing systematic and ongoing coaching for the team including one on one with all sales individuals
  • Hiring and training the leadership and management team
  • Implementing the necessary strategies, policies, best practices, and procedures
  • Putting into effect a comprehensive monitoring report
  • Creating and maintaining a healthy, positive, respectful and trustful work environment
  • Establishing and promoting superior communication at all levels

Regardless of the deficiency causes, Progressive Human Development Services will be by your side until your sales team is operating above expectations.

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