I Aspire To Become A Performing Salesperson

Into the world of selling!

Selling is a wonderful profession. It can be rewarding, exciting and offers much to be desired. A career in sales can provide an above average income for your family, offer flexibility and give you invaluable skills and knowledge that can be applied in all areas of your life. But let’s face it, selling isn’t for everyone. It takes discipline, confidence, and a strong ability to accept criticism as well as rejection and act positively on both. Add to the mix a healthy dose of curiosity, little fear of the unknown and the desire to master human relationships, and you got yourself a superstar.

Let me reassure you, selling is by no means a mythical, magical world where success and failures are an uncontrollable occurrence in which the professional orbits around without clear understanding of what will become. Furthermore, luck has nothing to do with the outcome. No, selling doesn’t require you to have “it” or any prerequisite such as being a people person, loving to help, loving money, being self-reliant or any other non-sense you may have heard.

Anyone can become an effective salesperson, just as anyone can be a scientist, a lawyer, a mechanic, or an electrician.

However, selling isn’t a get rich fast scheme. And although you will be in the field and in front of customers sooner than later, it should not be confused with a profession that requires little to no skills and can be achieved on the fly. If that is what you are looking for, apply at your nearest fast food joint for an easy job with minimum training, little pay, and negligible rewards.

“The greater the challenge, the greater the reward.”   -George Allen SR.

On the contrary, salesmanship will be acquired in the same fashion as other professions that involve apprenticeships, college or university education and so on.  It will necessitate the core values leading to accept, understand and apply a rigorous training. It will require you to invest time and energy to acquire the strong foundation needed for a rewarding, long-lasting career.

Although the salesperson is anchored in the logical kingdom, it does border its neighbor, the artistic kingdom, partially due to the human interaction which is primitively based on feelings and emotions.

That being said, all can be learned. Selling is a science governed by rules and laws just as it is with anything else. No magic here, but a code to oblige by.

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