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The God Particle.

I was watching this fascinating show on Netflix called “Particle Fever.” The documentary depicts how small particles are found by theory and in this case proven by a physical demonstration at the CERN in Switzerland. This science is so complex that I will not dare try to pretend that I understand it. But as I was watching, a parallel with leadership and management came to mind.

The particle physics also called subatomic physics,  started in the early 19th century when molecules, where discovered. It is at the beginning of the 20th century that scientist realized that these molecules were constructed out of smaller matter called atoms. Almost two-decade later, in 1917, Ernest Rutherford concluded that the atoms were not the smallest matter but that they consisted, in turn, of protons, neutrons, and electrons. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, a bewildering variety of yet smaller particles were found in scattering experiments. It was referred to informally as the “particle zoo.” Most such particles were eventually found to be composed of even smaller particles such as quarks.

One of these particles became of special interest. Scientists believe that the Higgs Boson is the particle that gives all matter its mass. Experts know that elementary particles like quarks and electrons are the foundation upon which all matter in the universe is built. This particle is of such importance that it was dubbed “The God Particle” which was at the center of the documentary. Not only where they exited to be able to verify decades of theoretical existence, but its calculated weight would tell whether other particles even smaller where possible, thus continuing to research the subatomic world or if it was the end of all things, the smallest matter in existence.

This long story proves one major point: when we think that we have acquired enough knowledge, another level, even more exciting, present itself. In other words, we are never done learning and discovering, whether in subatomic physics or in leadership and management science.

What this means to you, is that no matter how successful you are, there is always more that can be discovered.

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