I Have A Team

The best product and services or the best team?

If you answered “Both,” you are correct! You might argue, however, that inferior products and services could still produce a significant revenue should there be a strong leadership, management, marketing, sales, administrative, IT, finance, part/service/field, customer service team.

If you don’t believe it, take a minute to check these products out for instant reassurance.

Yes, a well selected and trained productive team is essential to growing your bottom line.

Let us assume, for argument sakes, that it is  50/50 and both are equally important. How much money is allocated each year to products development including conception, innovation, alteration, adaptation, etc? More and better equipment, new and updated techniques, change or addition of real estate, new product development. Let’s face it, the amount spent on products and services is almost without limit.

But how much was spent on your team? If any was spent, it would have more than likely been to replace departing employees or hire more staff to accommodate business requirements. In the best case scenarios, money was allocated to perform a department reshuffle to permit restructuring or on a bonus/incentive structure.

But how much expenditure on the team itself other than staffing requirement, benefits and incentive?  In addition, how much of your profit is eaten each year on substandard hiring?

This is why Progressive Human Development Services will assist you:

Our priority is to emphasize the importance of staff development and acquisition. To that effect, we will:

  • Help you set your standards and core values or ensure the one you currently have still correspond to your vision
  • Plan, implement and use a successful recruiting, onboarding strategy
  • Help you acquire the required amount of staff
  • Reduce with the objective to eradicate turnover and attrition
  • Set up a comprehensive training system including both initial and long term coaching
  • Implement a one-on-one training system
  • Select and train instructors
  • Implement a progress monitoring system
  • Develop department teams
  • Assess department needs
  • Coach or hire your leadership and management team
  • Focus on inter-departmental synergy and collaboration
  • Establish and maintain a healthy, positive, respective and trustful work environment
  • Establish and promote superior communication at all levels

Whatever your specific needs are, Progressive Human Development Services will be of assistance.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”   -African Proverb

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