I Need A Job

How much did you say?

About one-third or 30 percent of human life is spent working. The average working week in North America consists of 40 hours of work. On an average, most people spend about 25 to 30 years working.

The average person will change job every 3 years during their life, while 75% will completely change their career path multiple times.

As for the rest, 36% are seriously considering leaving, while stating a strong dislike for their current employment.

Although a few individuals arguably enjoy a regular change of scenery or accept being miserable in their environment, most would disagree.

Not investing in such an important process is simply unreasonable.

“There is no greater honor than supporting someone’s growth and evolution as a human being.”       -Ellie Borrows

The solution:

Progressive Human Development Services will coach you through the hiring process by:

  • Determining your dreams and setting standards
  • Assessing your skills
  • Selecting the proper career path
  • Setting a successful hiring marketing campaign
  • Reinforcing your interviewing skills
  • Coaching you through the interview process
  • Providing the necessary onboarding tools
  • Setting a comprehensive training program
  • Offering a continued education program to meet your standards

Having the proper long lasting career you deserve will not only affect your finances but also your health, happiness, family and social life to name just a few.

Let Progressive Human Development Services help you, we are standing by to assist you.

Contact us NOW, it is time to start investing in what matters: YOU!

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