Progressive Human Development Services is the apogee in the quest to master leadership, management, entrepreneurship, and salesmanship.

What we stand for is continuous development and learning. When ProgressiveHuman Development Services was developed, it was with the concept of assisting new and established businesses of all sizes achieve higher productivity and revenue through human capital investment. In other words, investing in your people.

Having experienced the demanding and challenging business world at all levels, we understand too clearly that leaders today, just don’t have the luxury to invest in that manner anymore. This occurs despite the leader’s knowledge of the significance the people working with them have. But at the end of the day, there are only so many hours, and way too demands as well as requirements in all areas.  This is the purpose of Progressive Consulting, to assist where time restricts your actions.

We are well aware that other companies have set foot in this field, but few if any, offer a full range of services that include:

All of which are offered to businesses and individuals alike.

What that translates to is better synergy with one company who understands your needs and will assist you based on your vision, standards, and core values.

In addition, we do not promote meaningless classes or keynote addresses, which are too often ineffective and redundant. What we strongly advocate, is the executive one on one methodology where individuals are coached on a personal basis with regularity and based on unique needs. This approach offers adequate support, motivation, and knowledge to generate a real desire to progress regardless of the individual’s position or aptitude.

Although we recognize the importance of working with strict budgets, Progressive Human Development Services does not stand for the “this is good enough” mentality, which might cause “band-aid” strategies and quick fixes as permanent solutions. On the contrary, we promote stability, permanence, reliability, and durability based on appropriate measures.

The reason why you will employ the services of Progressive Human Development Services is not that of our high abilities, strong core values, proven methodologies or established past results. No, it will be because of the stunning amount of passion we have that will, without a doubt, be contagiously spread to every single individual in your company.


Our mission:

To achieve higher productivity and revenue through human capital growth, development, and investment.

Our standards: 

We are not done until the situation is amended and you are fully satisfied and confident with the result.

We promote and assist with individual and organizational growth through ethical, honorable and equitable principles.

Our core values:

  • Enthusiasm and Passion
  • Progress and Evolution
  • Genuineness and Integrity
  • Drive and Willpower
  • Patience
  • Excellence
  • Confidence and Superior Communication Skills
  • Intelligence
  • Trust

We hope to see you soon.

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