I Do Not Have A Leader/Manager

“Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.”   -Tom Peters

The future is now!

In a sense, you are extremely fortunate to be at a stage where history is made. Yes, depending on your actions now, the future of your business or team will either be a success or a demanding and continuous challenge.  Selecting the appropriate leader and/or manager, setting an appropriate monitoring and training system to allow smooth, constant redirection and coaching, as well as promoting superior communication at all levels, is paramount.

Now, in all fairness, some individuals believe that hiring (promoting would be included here as well) accurately is enough to guarantee long-term success, excellence, and prosperity. They feel that offering the leaders or managers much freedom and flexibility to spread their wings is all that is required, as long as the recruiting was right in the first place. Although this could be accurate in a situation where you wish to expand your vision or perspective, it will certainly not work when your vision, standards, and core values have been established and the individual has to work within them.

Don’t get me twisted, diligent hiring is of the utmost importance. But is it not everything. Monitoring, coaching, assisting, training, regular communication, and observing are some of the basic needs any employee has to complete their assigned task effectively and consistently. If not for your business’s sake, do it for the individual. According to a new survey by the Institute of Leadership and Management, condensed in this article, 27% of the UK workforce would leave their job due to a lack of training and development. This fact adds on to the list of reasons why hiring accurately just isn’t enough.

And this is what Progressive Human Development Services has to offer!

Amongst many other aspects, we will:

  • Hire or promote from within, with a campaign aimed to get access to the best-suited individuals
  • Setup a progressive and comprehensive short-term initial training to accommodate a smooth transition that includes executive one on one coaching
  • Structure a long-term coaching system to establish a strong foundation and continue to build on it
  • Organize a monitoring system allowing for continued and above expectations results
  • Create and maintain a healthy, positive, respectful and trustful work environment conducive to the growth of all
  • Establish and promote superior communication at all levels

We will be assisting you with your leadership and managerial needs until you are completely satisfied and confident in the ability of your leader or manager.

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