I Have An Underperforming Leader/Manager

If you wait long enough, the problem might just disappear.

As we all know, business is not a swift concrete or decisive machine where decisions and actions can be taken lightly and abruptly. On the contrary, each maneuver creates its own ripple effect that will, indeed, affect countless of other areas, creating brand new sets of issues. Foreseeing the full spectrum of consequences such move can produce is complex if not outright impossible. As a matter of fact, most companies have been affected by this phenomenon at one point or another, and have been victimized by the high cost that it engenders.

This is one of the reasons why actions, in any company, typically seems to take an unusual amount of time to materialize when looking at it from the sidelines. Most executives will delay decision making favoring a “wait and see” approach.

Unfortunately, the same approach is often used with leaders and managers who require redirecting, training or replacing. (For the difference between Leaders and Managers click here) The side effect can be disastrous for certain individuals who, if left unattended, can quickly fall into bad behaviors. In fact, there are only two reasons why you would have an underperforming leader or manager:

  • Inaccurate or inadequate hiring/promoting
  • Lack of continuous supervision, guidance, and training

In this case, the longer you wait, the worse it will become. Indeed, should you contemplate using the “wait and see” approach here, you might as well be hoping for a miracle.

“A bad leader can take a good staff and destroy it, causing the best employees to flee and the remainder to lose all motivation.”        – Unknown

But it might not be too late to salvage your leader or manager now!

This is why you will be using Progressive Human Development Services:

  • Our aim is to assess your business situation first, with respect to the leader or manager
  • Set up a manageable and tangible primary training program based on immediate areas of concern
  • Implement a long-term training in order to build a strong foundation
  • Establish a monitoring system to allow smooth and constant redirection and coaching
  • Promote superior communication at all levels
  • Terminate and replace if required and as a last option

Do not let your vision be clouded by an underperforming leader or manager. The cost is simply unjustifiable and unnecessary. Regardless of the severity, our assistance will quickly and decisively rectify the situation.

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