I Am In The Process Of Opening A New Business

The best advice!

The most valuable advice I received relating to entrepreneurship is that “it is ok to ask for help.” In fact, it is not only ok, but it is actually paramount.

Evidently, they are plenty of other tips that will help you become successful. Some of which comes from some of the most successful entrepreneurs. For example:

  • Restaurateur Jon Taffer: “See every detail of your business.”
  • Dilbert creator Scott Adams: “Don’t give up.”
  • Advertising entrepreneur Sara Rotman: “Being comfortable is the enemy.”
  • Billionaire Mark Cuban: “There are no shortcuts.”
  • Entrepreneur and author Tim Ferriss: “You are who you associate with.”
  • Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis: “Get into a business where you can be a big fish.”
  • 5 Acre Farms CEO Dan Horan: “Simplicity is everything.”
  • Hello Design CEO David Lai: “Your time is a precious commodity.”
  • NewsCred CEO Shafqat Islam: “If you’re not being told ‘no’ constantly, you’re not pushing hard enough.”
  • SumAll CEO Dane Atkinson: “Learn to say ‘no’ and focus on what you do best.”


But before getting any further, you need to evaluate whether being on your own is the right choice for you, your family, your financial and social situation. Indeed, being your own boss has somehow incorrectly being associated with excessive freedom, reduction of workload, minimisation of time constraint, higher and immediate profit. In other words: easier and more pay.

This couldn’t be further from the truth, at least for a long while.

“Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.”      – unknown

Should you decide that it is the right course of action, an incredible world full of learning lessons, excitement, successes and failures await you.

However, in most cases, how you start your business will determine how you finish. Yes, an effective outset could make all the difference on how quickly you reach success.

This is why Progressive Human Development Services should be there right from the start!

Assisting you in a smooth and profitable start from conception to realization, we will:

  • Help you set your vision based on your ideas, goals, and objectives
  • Write an effective business plan based on your vision and market study
  • Define your business by setting standards, and establishing core values
  • Help you select and implement adequate business procedures
  • Establish on a fundamental business structure including teams and departments
  • Assess and attend to department needs
  • Focus on inter-departmental synergy and collaboration
  • Set up metrics to quantify and monitor all aspect of your business including progress monitoring reports
  • Assist you with your hiring and staffing needs
  • Design a comprehensive training program tailored to all employees
  • Hire, enhance, train or coach your leadership and management team
  • Create and maintain a healthy, positive, respectful and trustful work environment
  • Establish and promote superior communication at all levels
  • Institute an ongoing market research allowing you to constantly be listening to customer feedback and demands

Whether helping you with one specific aspect or several, Progressive Human Development Services will ensure a great experience leading to profitability.

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