I Do Not Have A Sales Team

Call in the infantry!

If you are reading this now, you more than likely either started a new business, have grown or expanded, or your entire team just resigned leaving you stranded.

I sincerely hope that your story is one of prosperity and not of adversity but regardless, your requirement is of the utmost importance. Indeed, the people you employ are, without the shadow of a doubt, the most valuable asset your company has. And although all teams have their function and importance, the sales team is your front line. The members of a well selected, trained and organized sales team will be your trusted foot soldier, beating the pavement while representing you and your vision.

“People are definitely a company’s greatest asset. It doesn’t make any difference whether the product is cars or cosmetics. A company is only as good as the people it keeps.”             -Mary Kay Ash

You can have the product, but without a competent team to push it, you will simply come out flat. Let’s face it: no sales equals no revenue that amounts to no company at all.

But the opposite is equally accurate: the more sales the more revenue making you a contender. Think of some of the products that are sold principally with the sweat of an army of salesperson: encyclopedias, knives, solar systems, alarm systems,  cable/satellite services, water filtration systems, magazine subscriptions, beauty products, Tupperware, landscaping services, winterization services, window cleaning, meat selling, cookie selling, health products, the list is endless.

And there is a fundamental mathematic equation in this fact: the amount needed in marketing to make a product successful is in direct correlation to the ability or existence of a sales team. In other words, the better the sales team, the less is needed to be spent in marketing your products. On the other hand, the more inferior the team is, the more is necessary to market your products. The ability to combine a vigorous marketing campaign with a performant sales force is one of the preferred business strategies employed.

What it means for a small and medium or newly established company, is that you are not required to have an extravagant or lavish marketing expenditure to move your product. Recruiting, training and maintaining a strong sales team is all you need. Let us keep in mind that a ridiculous amount of North American businesses fail in their first year as outlined in our New Business page. The main reason? Running out of cash. So the methodology used in spending is directly connected to the success or failure of a company. Opting for a sales team could not only save you an incredible amount of money due to the unjustifiably high cost of marketing, but it will also enable you to spend smaller amounts in increments over time instead of large sums up front.

This is why Progressive Human Development Services is your best ally.

Our services will allow you to act quickly, saving you precious time and money. It will enable you to start accurately and build on a strong foundation.

To assist you we will:

  • Setup a successful hiring marketing campaign aligned with your requirements
  • Establish a sustainable recruitment methodology
  • Conduct the hiring process while training the future recruiting team
  • Acquire the required number of staff
  • Organize your sales department
  • Setup a progressive and comprehensive short-term and long-term training system
  • Form and coach the future leadership team in charge of training
  • Coach the sales team
  • Set clear and tangible goals
  • Hire, train the leadership and management team
  • Implement the necessary strategies, policies, best practices, and procedures
  • Put into effect a comprehensive monitoring report
  • Create and maintain a healthy, positive, respectful and trustful work environment
  • Establish and promote superior communication at all levels

Whether you need assistance with all aspects or a select few, Progressive Human Development Services will stand by your side until your team is fully functional to the highest standards.

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