I Am A Performing Salesperson

E=mc^2, that is all (drop the mike)!

Well, congratulations are in order. Out of the myriad of sales people out there, less than 20% are performing to their true potential. Should you be one them, it would put you into an elite team who have one particular asset in common: The need to continuously acquire new knowledge, new perspective and always progress.

The quality to not only accept criticism as a channel for improvement, but actively seeking personal development is found in most successful personalities. Imagine for a moment that Albert Einstein was satisfied after his publication of “Special Theory of Relativity,” first published in 1905, in which the (arguably) most famous and recognizable scientific formula of all time, E=mc^2 appeared. The world we live in today would be much different without the hundreds of other discoveries he gave us through passion, persistence, and that strong desire to continuously acquire new knowledge, new perspective and always progress. Same can be said for Apple founder Steve Job or Microsoft Bill Gates, or the founder of modern salesmanship John H. Patterson, modern human management guru Dale Carnegie and  Zig Ziglar, or Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Tennis pros and entrepreneurs Williams sisters, NBA legend Michael Jordan and so on.

“Once you stop learning, you start dying.”    -Albert Einstein

Compared to what, exactly?

So what should this translate to for you?

Well, the best way to put it is by explaining it the way it was to me, many years ago.

I was fortunate to become what I would call a “good” salesperson fairly quickly in my sales career. I say ‘good’ because, in retrospect, I wasn’t ‘great’ then, in spite of the awards, bonuses and so on. I say ‘fortunate’, because, in addition to some hard work, I had excellent people surrounding me. Some with outstanding sales abilities and others with terrible ones, but all helped me a lot. And of course, the right opportunities came at the appropriate time.

One of my first success was to become confident in my role. Unfortunately, that soon transformed into pretension and arrogance. That was particularly accurate when I joined the exclusive top 35 best sales person of the company (out of more than 650). Thankfully, that was also the year when I had a conversation at a national convention with this extraordinaire sales guru who asked me how I was doing professionally. This was a great time for me to gloat and relay my triumphs. He then asked me this question: “David, how good are you really?” Perplexed I exclaimed, “I am really great, one of the best!” After taking a moment, he replied: “Compared to what exactly?”

Although the conversation went on that night, I truly did not understand his statement until flying back from the convention. The 3-hour long flight allowed me to reflect and add perspective to my narrow vision. I was ok, but not great, and had a lot of possibility for improvement. Compared to what? Well to my own biased and closed minded vision and my environment.

Compared to what? Well, to my own biased and closed minded vision and my environment. I would have been bragging about my achievements just as much would I have been the king of the mediocre. It was all perception.

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”                               -Albert Einstein

The best part is the fact that “the need to continuously acquire new knowledge, new perspective and always progress,” automatically translates into better profit in the world of sales. As logic would have it, proper and constant investment equal superior R.O.I.

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